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Climate Change Affects Us All

It’s easy to shrug off climate change, until you understand that it will affect every part of your life. Rising temperatures will lead to more severe weather, heat waves, droughts, wildfires, along with crop failures, disruptions both to our food system and our water supply. By understanding the causes of climate change, we can make better decisions to mitigate its effects.

Understanding Climate Change

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Trees Produce Oxygen from Carbon Dioxide.
Cars (And People) Do The Opposite.
There Are Too Few Trees and Too Many Cars.

Because of this, the earth’s climate is changing at a faster rate than any point in modern civilization. These changes will impact the entire planet, and every person living on it. The evidence is clear that this is the result of human activity. Here is how.

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Increased CO2

CO2 is the most significant source of warming, and since the industrial era, its concentration in our atmosphere has increased by over 40%. Our actions, especially the burning of massive amounts of fossil fuels, is one of the primary drivers of this change.

Greenhouse Effect

The result of this startling rise in atmospheric CO2 has been an intensification of the natural greenhouse effect. This is the process by which CO2 and other gases in the upper atmosphere trap solar radiation to keep the planet warm.

Climate Change

This extra heat is increasing global surface temperatures to unprecedented levels, which if left unchecked will result in dire consequences including: extreme weather, droughts, wildfires, food insecurity, dangerous changes to ocean chemistry.

Postive Feedback Loops

There are several 'positive feedback loops' which accelerate climate change. The Ice-Albedo feedback loop is perhaps the most well studied, but there are others, such as the Methane-Permafrost feedback loop, and Water Vapor-Cloud Cover feedback loop. Scientists' climate models leave some uncertainty, but the fact remains, if we keep burning fossil fuels, the world will keep heating up, with disastrous and potentially life-threatening consequences.


Global temperatures have already risen 1.5°C, and will likely warm by another 1.5°C. The Earth’s climate will continue to be affected by greenhouse gas emissions from our industrial era activities for the coming decades, and even centuries. Beyond these next few decades, the amount the climate changes depends on what we decide to do about emissions today. The actions we take now will affect our short-term well-being and the long-term health of our planet and children. We need to take the future of the planet into our own hands, and act swiftly and decisively to reduce our individual carbon footprint.

What Can I Do?

This is where Cascadia Carbon‘s CODEX App comes in. All human activities add to our carbon output, but transportation has one of the most significant impacts on your carbon footprint, and making smart choices about how you get around can make a big difference. In fact, over 20% of the United State’s total carbon emissions come from light trucks and cars, like the ones that we drive every day to work, to the store, and to school. CODEX App helps you track not only the carbon you produce, but also, the carbon you save, providing you the incentive to choose alternative methods of transportation – all while having fun with your friends in the carbon-conscious community. Awesome, right?

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